Kinetic Universe is a California Nonprofit Corporation

Established in 2007 by a group of Rutabaga Queens to preserve the tradition of human powered art racing in Humboldt County, and around the world.

Mission Statement

Kinetic Universe and the Kinetic Grand Championship are adults having fun so children desire to grow older. We strive to promote Fun, Art, Engineering, Sustainability, and the Sport of Human-Powered All-Terrain Sculpture Racing around the world.

Current Board Members as of August 2016

President- Kati "Texas" Ward
Secretary- TBD
Treasurer- Christopher "Blaze O Glory" Boyle
KGC Race Director- Jeremy "Major Glory" Leon
KGC Course Director- Richard "Hippie" Buhler
Video Team Lead- Thalon Hubbell
Resident Engineer- John "No Nick Name" Mantle