Kinetic Universe is a California Nonprofit Corporation

Established in 2007 by a group of Rutabaga Queens
to preserve the tradition of human powered art racing in Humboldt County & around the world;
continued by do-gooder weirdos who secretly would rather be racing.

Kinetic Universe Headquarters is at the Kinetic Museum Eureka, 518 A Street, Eureka, CA 95501, (707)786-3443


About Kinetic Universe


Mission Statement

Kinetic Universe and the Kinetic Grand Championship are adults having fun so children desire to grow older. We strive to promote Fun, Art, Engineering, Sustainability, and the Sport of Human-Powered All-Terrain Sculpture Racing around the world.

Current Board Members as of September 2017

Kati "Texas" Moulton aka Queen Lotta Paintbuckets

Treasurer & KGC Course Director
John "No Nickname" Mantle aka Sir Ducttape

Thalon Hubbell aka Commander Chainstain

Board Members 

KGC Race Director  
Jeremy Leon aka Major Glory
Volunteer Coordinator
Suzanne Ross aka Princess Baron von Snooze
Sponsor Liaison 
Danielle Greene aka Queen Kaleidoscope
Kinetic Museum Director 
Robert Adams aka Princess Robotica


Contact Us

General Questions
Call the Kinetic Hotline
(707) 786-3443

Queen President / Webmaster / Media Relations
Kati Texas aka Queen Lotta Paintbuckets
(707) 786-3443

Volunteer Coordinator
(707) 733-3841

Race Registration & Head Judge
Goddess Jen-O
(541) 579-1596

Sponsors & Partners
Danielle Greene aka Queen Kaleidoscope