Unique Finds from Humboldt County Artists and Artisans

Located in the Kinetic Museum Eureka, the Artist’s Collective in the Greasy Gears Gallery strives to promote Fun, Art, Engineering, and Sustainability, while showcasing the incredible diversity and talent of Humboldt County artists.

Watch this space to see what's available from local artists and artisans.

Meanwhile, find a variety of Kinetic Gear
at the Museum or online.

Looking for retail placement for your work?

We welcome Humboldt County artists in all media to join our cooperative gallery in downtown Eureka. To qualify, you must be a dedicated artist, produce high-quality work on a regular basis and live and work in Humboldt County.

Read this MOU and Membership Application to see if the Artists Collective at the Kinetic Museum Eureka is right for you.