Man Eating Clam Unshelled April 1 at Kinetic Museum Eureka

Of all the hazards of the the kinetic sculpture race, none are as feared as the unforgiving man eating clams of Humboldt Bay. Tridacna gigas, many flustered kinetic pilots claim to have lost their tools, sculptures, and ambitions to the mouths of these dastardly mollusks. Come see the living, 6 foot, 200 + lb man eating clam on display during April Arts Alive at the Kinetic Museum Eureka.

Also new in April, several acquisitions will be added to our collection of kinetic history including art from veteran racers.

  Photo by Tina Kerrigan

Photo by Tina Kerrigan

The Atomic Funguy sculpture now on display at the Kinetic Museum Eureka.

Kinetic Professor Brian Slayton, better known as “FUNGUYYY!”, has been entertaining the crowds through 23 years of Sculpture Racing.  Known for going BIG, Slayton returned to his original 1998 Funguy sculpture in 2016, reworking the art, and fitting it atop his newly redesigned “Funguy Too” machine. The Atomic Funguys made a scene sporting glow in the dark alien mushroom clouds.

One of the biggest personalities in Kinetics, Slayton and his intrepid crew earned their first hard-fought ACE at last year’s Kinetic Grand Championship while securing first place in pageantry.

Arts Alive reception begins at 6:00 p.m. with a Kinetic Fools scavenger hunt. Solve the puzzle, find the clues, and win a bribe! First 20 winners get a special prize. Jazzy grooves by  DJ Chainstain. Brews available from Mad River. Free for all ages. Donations directly support the Kinetic Universe. 518 A street Eureka.