Holy Glory Hogs It's Kinetic Month!

May is Kinetic Month in Humboldt

We're gaining momentum rolling headlong into the Kinetic Grand Championship Memorial Day Weekend!  Every weekend this month, there's something Kinetic to DO!

Arts Alive! May 5
Kinetic Museum Eureka

Check out the Kinetic Push Kart Demo, and get your entry ready for the Kinetic Classic!  Antique Kinetic Sculptures, History, Merchandise including Kinetic Coring Sheets by the incomparable Lush Newton.


Sunday, Mothers Day May 13
Kinetic Classic Kid Powered Art Race

KCkpar 2018 flyer.png

Saturday May 19
Rutabaga Ball

Friday May 25
Kinetic Thrills Pageantry Party

 Like this, but at night.

There are SO many teams lined up to compete in this year's 50th Kinetic Race that for all of them to do their Pageantry on the Plaza we have to start watching them the night before!

See Kinetic Thrills as teams show off their Art and Pageantry before it gets rolled down a sand dune, or eaten by clams.

Arcata Community Center
More to Come!