Kinetic Volunteers Assemble!

Hello Kinetinauts!

It’s February already, and we are gearing up (har har) for the 2019 50th anniversary Kinetic Grand Championship. Your Volunteer Coordinator is starting to put the pieces of this coming year together, and we have some opportunities to help with core functions of the race! Does this sound like something you’re interested in? Let me know!

Save the dates!

Our annual Community Volunteer Meetings for 2019 are on the Kinetic Volunteers Google Calendar (click the link to get the to calendar, and share to your own calendar). The dates for this year are:






All of our meetings will be held at the Kinetic Museum, Eureka, on Saturdays, from 12-2pm. These meetings are a great place to bring ideas for the coming race, bring up ways to improve, pitfalls to avoid, and generally collaborate with fellow Volunteers.

Do you know someone who would want to join the Kinetic Madness? Forward this email to them! Spread the madness!

Check out our Facebook groups, linked below!

As always, I am forever in awe and in debt to our wonderful, dedicated, hardworking volunteers. All of you are indispensable in making this go. You all deserve all the glory!

For the glory!


Suzanne Ross-Mantle

Volunteer Coordinator

Kinetic Universe


message phone: 707.733.3841

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Sunday, May 12th Kid's Classic

Saturday, May 18th Rutabaga Ball

Saturday, May 25th-Monday, May 27th, 50th Anniversary Kinetic Grand Championship Race