Fernbridge - Ferndale

Eel River Crossing Under Fernbridge


Teams will leave Crab Park at 10:01 a.m., and proceed through Loleta, past Fernbridge, where they will descend onto Private Property at the Worswick Bar.

Spectators should park on the Ferndale side of Fernbridge and walk down to the public side of the Eel River bank where they can watch the teams cross the River under Fernbridge.  Please be careful where you park, and don't try to cross the freeway on foot.

Finish Line Main Street Ferndale

Beginning as early as 1:00 to 4:37

For just over three hours on one day a year, the corner of Main Street and Brown Street in Ferndale is the best party in the (Kinetic) Universe!  Food, drinks, Kinetic Merchandise, and the handcrafted Victorian hamlet of Ferndale.

Finish Line is Last chance for 2019KGC Merch unless you hit up the Merch Booth Online!

The racers are exhausted.  They are bedraggled and sore, but elated.  Some of them are racing to the last moment, trying to make the fastest time.  Others are dragged across the Finish Line by their muddy, bloody crews. Why do they do this thing?  This insanity that keeps us sane? . . . for the best reason to do anything: For the GLORY!