2016 Kinetic Grand Championship Results

2016 Kinetic Grand Champions
Tempus Fugitorium

Photo by Matt Filar

Photo by Matt Filar

Best Art
1st: Planet Nine
2nd: Organ Trail: No Guts, No Glory
3rd: Kinetic Kootie

Best Engineering
1st: Trilobike
2nd: ¡Luchadores Piñas!
3rd: Atomic Funguys

Best Speed
1st: Chain Mail
2nd: P-Awesome
3rd: Trilobike

Best Pageantry
1st: Atomic Funguys
2nd: Team Goddess Kinetic Dragonfly
3rd: NSA

2016 ACE Award Professors
Tempus Fugitorium

¡Luchadores Piñas!
Atomic Funguys

Chain Mail
Bikin’ Fools

Catch Up
Bounce For Glory
Tea Party
Team Jeep: Golden Flipper


Mediocre Award (For Team That Finishes in the Middle of the Pack)
Planet Nine (wins a scooter!)

Best Junior Award
The Humdinger

Best Pit Crew

Most Paranormal
Planet Nine

Most Revealed
Organ Trail: No Guts, No Glory

Most Mythological

Best Campsite
Tea Party

Best Bribe
Tempus Fugitorium

6:32 Award
Organ Trail: No Guts, No Glory

Volunteer's Favorite Volunteer
John Mantle

Racers' Favorite Volunteer

Lifetime Achievement

Goddess Jen-O Award
You’re a Meme One, Mr. Grinch

Port Townsend Award
Tea Party

Biggest Splash Award
Team Jeep: Golden Flipper

The Golden Dinosaur Award
Mad to the Max

The Golden Flipper Award (Water)
Team Jeep: Golden Flipper

The Golden Flipper Award (Sand)
Team Jeep: Golden Flipper

Most Improved Award
Kinetic Chicken and Waffles

The Spirit of the Glorious Founder Award
Kinetic Kootie

The Never Give Up Award
Bikin’ Fools

One for the Little Guy

Racers’ Choice Award
Planet Nine

Second to Last Award
Eureka High School Loggers Rust Bucket

Spectators’ Favorite
Atomic Funguys

Teddy Bear Award
Team Goddess: Kinetic Dragonfly

They Came From Out of Town

You Clever Rascal (Best Engineering for a Non-ACE Machine)

Big thanks go to the Lost Coast Outpost and the (seemingly innocent) Andrew Goff for seriously "komprehensive koverage" of the KGC16 including profiles for every team, and lots of on the course updates.  We stole (cut and paste) this list from him because the rest of us were too busy to write all of these things down during the awards ceremony.