2018 Kinetic Grand Championship Results

2018 Kinetic Grand Champions
TriloBike Diner!

Picture courtesy of  Andrew Goff and Lost Coast Outpost . Go check out his borderline obsessive "Koverage!"

Picture courtesy of Andrew Goff and Lost Coast Outpost.
Go check out his borderline obsessive "Koverage!"

Best Art
1st: Hunka-Hunk-A Burnin’ Ham
2nd: CrABBA
3rd: Lion Kings

Best Engineering
1st: Solid Gold Pineapple Wrecking Crew
2nd: Black Tie Affair
3rd: Happy Campers

Best Speed
1st: Ferntucky 500
2nd: Flying Spaghetti Monster
3rd: Melvin

Best Pageantry
1st: Lion Kings
2nd: CrABBA
3rd: Kinetic Encounters of the Fiftieth Kind

2018 ACE Award Professors
Ferntucky 500
Trilobike Diner
Flying Spaghetti Monster
Solid Gold Pineapple Wrecking Crew
Super Moi: Louise
Happy Campers
Team Goddess: Star Power
Bounce for Glory: Golden Edition
Monster Zinc
Tempus Fugitives: Glory Diver
Lion Kings
Black Tie Affair
Ominionated II
Norman the Half-Fast Unicorn
Flying Innuendo
This Goes Gold

Mediocre Award (For Team That Finishes in the Middle of the Pack)
Mad Plants: Beyond Thunderclone

Racers’ Choice Award

The Goldest of the Gold
Lobster Roll

Most Improved
This Goes Gold

Best Junior Award

Best Pit Crew
PB Blaster

Best Campsite
Cro-Magma of the Stoned Age

Best Bribe
Lion Kings

6:32 Award
Bikin’ Fools

Lifetime Achievement Award
The Flying Galumpkie Brothers
Dale Warmuth

Ground Pounder’s Ground Pounder

Best Volunteer
Team Weld Your Stuff!

Goddess Jen-O Award
Notoriously Adventurous Vacationing Yachters

Port Townsend Award
Happy Campers

Biggest Splash Award
Solid Gold Pineapple Wrecking Crew

The Golden Dinosaur Award
New Mexican Roadrunner

The Golden Flipper Award (Water)

The Golden Flipper Award (Sand)
The Rusty Pickle

The Spirit of the Glorious Founder Award
1st: Norman the Half-Fast Unicorn
2nd: CrABBA
3rd: U.S.S. Festiva

One for the Little Guy
The A-Team

Second to Last Award
U.S.S. Festiva

Spectators’ Favorite
The Hippiepotamus

The Never Give Up Award

Teddy Bear Award
Herrmann’s Merry Mollusk

They Came From Out of Town
Cloud of Unknowing: The Flying Squirrel

You Clever Rascal (Best Engineering for a Non-ACE Machine)
Fire Chicken