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How to Build a Kinetic Sculpture


Where do teams enter the humboldt Bay on Day 2?

2020 will be an enter at the Public Marina and head up to the Samoa Bridge year. Time TBD.

2020 KGC Bay Crossing Pub to Sam.png

How long is each part of the Course?

Day one:
-Road: 7.6 miles
(to sand entry)
-Sand: 2.2 miles
-Road: 3 miles
Total: 12.8

Day two:
-Water: 1.3 miles
-Road: 20.6 miles
Total: 21.9 miles

Day Three
-Road: 7.4
-River Bar/River 1.3
-Field: 0.8
-Road: 5.8
Total: 15.3

Race Total: 50.0