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KGC 2018 Pageantry / Logistics Survey

As you may Know, the Goddess JenO has set a goal of 100 teams for the 2018 Kinetic Grand Championship, the 50th Kinetic Sculpture Race in Humboldt County!  That's a lot of teams!  If any where close to that many teams sign up, it would be double what we are used to, which would be absolutely AWESOME! ... and prove logistically challenging.  The biggest situation to figure out would be the Plaza.  We can shuffle things around, use both sides of the street, and get an earlier start, but there's still simply not enough time for 100 teams to do even extremely short Pageantry. (100 teams x 3-5 minutes of Pageantry and transition time. = Nearly 7 hours!)  So, unless we want to start the performances at 5:00 a.m., we have to find a better way.  Kinetic Universe is, of course, here to serve the Kinetic Sculpture Racing community, so please tell us what you think by taking this quick survey (one submission per person please):

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What do you think about these different options? *
What do you think about these different options?
Throw a big Kinetic Thrills Party at the Arcata Community Center Friday May 25th (the night before the KGC) where everyone can do their team Pageantry. Also, move Registration over there from the Kinetic Lab, and serve beer. (The Goddess would like to point out that this event would also be an excellent opportunity for teams and planners to get together and talk about the "Good Old Days," or anything at all. During the KGC, and at Awards, there is very little time to connect with other teams or race organizers.) Also, this event is not intended to be a permanent change unless everyone just loves it so much we have to keep doing it. Everyone who wants to do Pag will be able to, but fewer Glorious Spectators will be able to watch, including young children.
Do Pageantry on the Plaza like normal from 10:00 a.m. to 11:55 a.m., but limit it to the first 25 teams to ask to do it, and limit performances strictly to 3 minutes. This will save on money and volunteer hours, and put Pageantry on the Plaza rather than at a Friday evening event where children and their families will not be (as) able to attend. It will also mean that some teams who want to do Pageantry will not be able to. Pageantry participation does not count toward Grand Champion, or affect ACE status.
Forget about Pageantry; it's a RACE, not a parade.

Want to build a Kinetic Sculpture, but don't know where to start? 
There's a great guide on Kinetic Baltimore's site.

Thanks to the Planet X Crew, we now have an accurate measure of the KGC Course length!

Day one:
-Road: 7.6 miles
(to sand entry)
-Sand: 2.2 miles
-Road: 3 miles
Total: 12.8

Day two:
-Water: 1.3 miles
-Road: 20.6 miles
Total: 21.9 miles

Day Three
-Road: 7.4
-River Bar/River 1.3
-Field: 0.8
-Road: 5.8
Total: 15.3

Race Total: 50.0

Find KGC 2018 forms here as soon as they're available

Please be patient, sometimes these large PDF's take a while to load. 

2018 KGC Registration form

Meanwhile, you can read the 2017 maps and directions for Reference:

2017 KGC Complete Race Rules

2017 Turn by Turn Course Description

2017 Course MapS

Hospitality for Racers 2018

Saturday may 26, 2018

Camping is available for out of town teams on Saturday night at Halvorsen Park (Day 1 Finish Line).  There will be porta potties, hand-washing stations, and a guard patrolling the fenced in area where sculptures are stored over night.

Sunday may 27, 2018

Water Entry

The tide dictates that the Day 2 Water Entry will be at the Public Marina beginning at 10:01a.m..  Teams will leave Halvorsen, go overland to the Marina, and line up to enter the water.  Water Exit will be at the Samoa Bridge boat ramp.

Sunday lunch

We'll let you know as soon as we confirm whether there will be an ENF Pit Stop Lunch.



Crab Park Noise Map

Folks who wish to play music at a reasonable volume in their own camps, please be respectful of your neighbors, keep the volume down to where they can't hear it, and shut it off in time for the people who have to get up and pedal in the morning to get some sleep.

If you want to make a LOT of noise (without playing loud canned music), you should camp to the North of the Finish Line. The end of the field closest to the beach is a good place for moderate noise which shuts down early. If you'd like a more chill, quiet time, pitch your tent closer to the Gate at the top end of the field.

Monday May 28, 2017

Water Crossing

We are very happy to continue refining the Day 3 water hazard beginning on the Worswick bar, and crossing the Eel River under Fernbridge.  There's been a lot of great feedback from Racers as well as Spectators, so we'll keep trying to make it better, safer, and more accessible to Spectators.

Photo Courtesy of Times Standard

Photo Courtesy of Times Standard

Day 3 Water Exit will only require traveling under Fernbridge ONCE, on the River bar.  Having reached the shore, on the Ferndale side, an area will be available to deflate pontoons, repack, etc. Please pull out of the path of others if you choose to stop.

Proceed South and cross the dairy field through a hole in the fence to the road (Hwy 211) west of Fernbridge Bridge.  Pit crews may drive up to meet their teams, but spectators and entourage will not be allowed.  Parking will be allowed along the concrete strip along Hwy 211  Signs and humans will be there to guide you.

Once your wheels are clear of the water, it is a LEGAL PUSH until you get to the road.