Thank you to all the Kinetic Nuts who participated in the Crab Park Noise Survey.  We will be posting results soon.

Please be patient, sometimes these large PDF's take a while to load. 

2016 KGC Registration Form

2016 KGC Complete Race Rules

2016 Complete Course Maps (VERY LARGE file 15m)

2016 Turn by Turn Course Description

Watch here for the "Offishul" Kinetic Grand Championship Download-able Paperwork as it becomes available.  Meanwhile, here's the stuff from 2016 for reference.

Hospitality for racers

Watch this space for information on things like free racers' lunches, and other sponsor perks as we confirm them each year.

Eel River Exit Day 3

Eel River Exit Day 3

Day 3 (2016) Water Crossing

Enter the thicket just past Fernbridge as indicated on your maps.

Day 3 Water Exit will only require traveling under Fernbridge ONCE.  Having reached the river bar, on the Ferndale side, an area will be available to deflate pontoons, repack, etc. Please pull out of the path of others if you choose to stop.

The exit onto Substation Road is now blocked by concrete barriers.  Instead, proceed South and cross the dairy field through a hole in the fence to the road (Hwy 211) west of Fernbridge Bridge.  Pit crews may drive across these dairy fields to assist, but spectators and entourage will not be allowed.  Parking will be allowed along the concrete strip along Hwy 211  Signs and humans will be there to guide you. Low tide is at 1:25pm Monday.

Once your wheels are clear of the water, it is a LEGAL PUSH until you get to the road.