Rules for Your Reign

  1. Your Year: The Rutabaga Queen represents the Kinetic Grand Championship for one calendar year after selection, and remains known ever after throughout the Kingdom as Queen For Life. The Queen showers the racers with love and glory whilst ensuring that the spectators have fun, for having fun is in the Rules! It is hoped that the Rutabaga Queen is available for Kinetic events and fundraisers, media interviews, greetings of dignitaries and such other glorious opportunities that shall arise during their reign.

  2. Comportment: Since the Rutabaga Queen represents the Kinetic Grand Championship, it is important that the Queen's Court and Entourage comport themselves appropriately for a family audience at all times along the racecourse and during “offishul” events. Queens, being Queens, party hearty in adult venues, and no effort shall be made to regulate the private life of a monarch. A good Queen knows how to behave when the royal crown sits atop the royal head and the adoring public is watching.

  3. Time Commitment: The Queen shall be actively present, spreading glory and fun at the official Start of the Kinetic Grand Championship, two hours before the starting time. The Queen also greets the adoring public at various points along the race to be determined by the Kinetic Organizing Committee, and cheers loudest for those sweaty, pedaling racers!  Find a rundown of the weekend in the Spectator's Guide.

    1. These points traditionally include:

      1. Day 1- Arcata Plaza, Manila Dunes Rec. Party, Deadman's Drop and Eureka Finish line party at Halvorsen Park

      2. Day 2- Queens’ Cruise, The Hikshari Trail, the top of Loleta Hill and Crab Park

      3. Day 3- Ferndale Finish Line and the Awards Ceremony

  4. Crowning The Next Queen: As the last act of a glorious reign, the Queen has the honor of helping to organize the following year's Rutabaga Ball with the assistance of the Kinetic Universe Board, hosting the Ball and crowning the incoming Rutabaga Queen!  Queens have the right to help choose the next Queen. The Queen is selected by a private panel who answer not to rhyme or reason, only to choosing the very best Queen.

  5. Runner Up:  If for some nutty reason the selected Queen cannot fulfill these minimal and deliberately vague duties, the first runner up Princess as designated at the Rutabaga Ball shall be crowned Queen. What becomes of a (very unlikely!) dethroned Queen's crown will be decided by the other Queens.

  6. Racing Queen: There is no restriction on Queens or Royalty racing other than that they must at all times fulfill their duties to the Kinetic Kingdom first, and therefore a Reigning Queen is not permitted (or rather, able) to ACE during their reign.

  7. Other Kinetic Races: Every Rutabaga Queen is a Queen For Life. As such, it is hoped that a Rutabaga Queen will be an enthusiastic member of the Kinetic Kommunity year round, and it is suggested that the Queen enjoy other Kinetic races and events around the world during the reign, spreading Humboldt’s Kinetic Grand Championship Glory.

Got all that?