Water Entry - ENF Pit Stop - Table Bluff

Teams will enter the Humboldt Bay at the Samoa Bridge Boat Ramp beginning at 9:32 a.m.
Awards are given for Biggest Splash, and Water Flipper.

Eureka Natural Foods Pit Stop
See the sculptures up close as they Pit Stop at ENF for lunch some time between 11:00a and 2:00p

Table Bluff
As early as 1:30 to 7:07
The last chance to see Kinetic Sculptures on the course for the day is on Eel River Road as they ascend to Table Bluff (colloquially known as Loleta Hill.)  It's a brutal climb, followed by a fast ride on a winding road down. Park on the opposite side of the road from the teams, and give them some Glory!


Glory Map

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