Kinetic Classic Mothers' Day Sunday May 12
Glorious Kick Off Parade at NOON!

Sacco Amphitheater Waterfront Drive Eureka

Join the Rutabaga Royal Family on Mother's Day for the NOON Kick Off parade, and stick around for all the kinetic action. Kids 8th grade and younger will compete in 3 categories. They'll push their limits in the Push Kart Kinetic Dash, brave the Rutabaga Rally, or Rutababy Buggy Bounce in their best costumes. Food, Fun, Prizes, Special Treats for Mom, Face Painting and the cutest Kinetinauts in Humboldt!

Scroll down to the event for your age group to find rules, entry forms, and a Waiver / Release to downlaod and print.

Push Kart Kinetic Dash (4th grade and up)

This event is for kids who want to Build!

Who can race?

You need to be in 4th to 8th grade to participate in the Dash. Each team needs, one Pilot, one Pusher, one Offishul Grownup, and helpers.

What is a Junior Kinetic Push Kart?

It’s like a soap box racer, but instead of going downhill, you'll have a teammate pushing you around the course. Your Push Kart needs a seat, a place for the Pusher to hold onto, steering, and brakes, but no drive system. It isn't Kinetic without Art, so your Kart should also look cool.
Prizes will be given for Art, Speed, Engineering, and more.

Push Kart Dash Rules
Push Kart Dash Entry Form
Kinetic Classic Waiver and Release

Rutabaga Rally (Kindergarten and up)

This event is for kids who want to decorate themselves and their bikes, trikes, scooters, and skates!


Who can race?

Racers need to be in Kindergarten or older to be in the Rally. Each team also needs one Offishul Grownup.

Rutabaga Rally Rules
Rutabaga Rally Entry Form
Kinetic Classic Waiver and Release

What do we do?

  • First, make art.

  • Get a team together and decide on a theme.

  • Decorate your bikes, skateboards, skates, scooters, or other kid powered vehicles.

  • Make costumes to match your team art theme.

  • Don’t forget the safety gear!

  • No riders or rollers without a helmet and pads.

  • Then learn a "team song"... any song.

  • Bring your team to registration on Mother's Day, and navigate the Rutabaga Rally Obstacle Course as a team.

Rutababy Buggy Bouncers 

Even the littlest Kinetic Nuts can strut their stuff.  Kids age -9 months to pre-school &...  everybody else.

Rutababy Buggy Bouncers Rules
Kinetic Classic Waiver and Release

Whether you cruise in your Kozy Koupe, sit in a stroller, or just ride around in your Mom’s belly: Art up that ride, cozy into some costumes, and be a part of the Big Kick-Off Parade.