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Welcome to the official site of the Kinetic Grand Championship, a 3-day race along California's northern coast from Arcata to Ferndale. Racers compete for glory in all variety of people-powered kinetic kontraptions, pedaling along roads, the beach... even through the Humboldt Bay!


Tempus Fugatives


1st: 420 Bite Me Punk AND Funguy!*

2nd: Shells Angles

3rd: Hot Roddenberrys

* Funguy's 1st Place Art award was given, then taken away, but then we gave it back.


1st: Tri-Lo-Bike

2nd: Melvin

3rd: Flaming Farmer


1st: Flying Spaghetti Monster 10:35

2nd: Melvin 11:26

3rd: Buggy for Glory 13:15


1st: Hot Roddenberrys

2nd: Siren Team Hoosier Daddy

3rd: Team Goddess


141 Flying Spaghetti Monster 10:35

106 Melvin 11:26

133 Buggy for Glory 13:15

112 Tri-Lo-Bike 13:47

104 Tempus Fugatives 13:52

111 Spud Bug 16:48

102 Flaming Farmer 17:01

144 Packrat 17:28


Pear County Chopper

Best Bribe

Hot Roddenberries

Best Campsite


Best Junior

We Are Colfax

Best Pit Crew

Funguys Too.20

Best Volunteer - Racers Vote


Biggest Splash

Heads Up

Corvallis da Vinci Days Committee Choice

Pineapple Express

Goddess Jen-O Award

Running Road Runner Down

Golden Dinosaur
(1st to breakdown after leaving the Plaza)


Golden Flipper - H2O
(Best flip in water)

Corpie Cruiser

Lifetime Achievement Award

Rob Dog Corpstein

Mediocre Award
(Middle of the pack)

Top of the Mountain TO YOU

Most Improved


Never Give Up
(Poor Pitiful Me)


One for the Little Guy

Moonshine Banditos

PT Committee Choice

Mite Make It

Racers' Choice - Racers Vote

Whale of a Wedding

Second to Last

Mariners: Team Hoosier Daddy

Spectators' Fave

Hot Roddenberries

Spirit of the Glorious Founder

Judi Kofford

Teddy Bear Award

1st: Meri, the Monarch

2nd: Team Goddess

They Came From Out of Town

No Guts, Know Glory

You Klever Rascal
(Best Eng for Non-ACE)

Horseless Carriage


Kinetic Grand Championship Poster 2014 by Lucas Thornton
Posters: Past & Present

2014 poster by Lucas Thornton