Give some Glory to our MAJOR Sponsor for 2019!

Give some Glory to our MAJOR Sponsor for 2019!

A Big, GLORIOUS Thank You to our 2019 KGC Volunteers! We couldn’t have made this race without YOUR hard work!


Twice as much fun as it is work,
and it's a whole lot of work!

The Kinetic Grand Championship is always looking for human powered volunteers. There's a variety of jobs available for the Memorial Day Weekend for helpful people of all ages and abilities. (Minors must volunteer along with a parent or guardian.) Give an hour, a day, or the whole weekend, lots of options are available.

Interested in helping out?

Contact our Volunteer Wranglers to find out how you can help:

Name *
Phone *
Please let us know if you have any physical or other restrictions.

Kinetic Volunteers of the KGC News

Volunteer Coordinator
(707) 733-3841

There's a group on facebook which you can ask to join to find out the latest opportunities.

Check out the Volunteers Calendar below. Click the +GoogleCalendar button to keep up to date on all things KGC Volunteers!