Give some Glory to our MAJOR Sponsor for 2019!

Give some Glory to our MAJOR Sponsor for 2019!

The Kinetic Grand Championship 50th Anniversary Kinetic Sculpture Race is looking for human powered volunteers. There's a variety of jobs available this Memorial Day Weekend for helpful people of all ages and abilities. (Minors must volunteer along with a parent or guardian.) Give an hour, a day, or the whole weekend, lots of options are available.

Twice as much fun as it is work,
and it's a whole lot of work!

Community Volunteer Meeting
5/18 at the KME
12:00p - 2:00p
Find out what jobs need covering,
and find the best place for you.

Volunteer Registration
5/23 & 5/24 at KME
7:00p - 9:00p
Get your shirt and paperwork done early!

Interested in helping out?

Contact our Volunteer Wranglers to find out how you can help:

Name *
Phone *
Please let us know if you have any physical or other restrictions.

Kinetic Volunteers of the KGC News

Volunteer Coordinator
(707) 733-3841

There's a group on facebook which you can ask to join to find out the latest opportunities.

Check out the Volunteers Calendar below. Click the +GoogleCalendar button to keep up to date on all things KGC Volunteers!