Want to know how to get started with your own Kinetic Sculpture?  Start by reading this:

How to Build
A Kinetic Sculpture

We will post the 2019 KGC forms as soon as they become available.
Meanwhile, you can see details from 2018. The course is unlikely to change barring a major geographical event.

Please be patient, sometimes these large PDF's take a while to load.

2018 KGC Rules

2018 complete course map
(15.3 MB FILE!)

2018 Turn by turn directions

Thanks to the Planet X Crew, we now have an accurate measure of the KGC Course length!

Day one:
-Road: 7.6 miles
(to sand entry)
-Sand: 2.2 miles
-Road: 3 miles
Total: 12.8

Day two:
-Water: 1.3 miles
-Road: 20.6 miles
Total: 21.9 miles

Day Three
-Road: 7.4
-River Bar/River 1.3
-Field: 0.8
-Road: 5.8
Total: 15.3

Race Total: 50.0

Day 2 Water Crossing May 26, 2019:
Teams will enter at Samoa Bridge at 9:32a.

The Ongoing Saga of … CRAB Park!

Folks who wish to play music at a reasonable volume in their own camps, please be respectful of your neighbors, keep the volume down to where they can't hear it, and shut it off in time for the people who have to get up and pedal in the morning to get some sleep.

If you want to make a LOT of noise (without playing loud canned music), you should camp to the North of the Finish Line. The end of the field closest to the beach is a good place for moderate noise which shuts down early. If you'd like a more chill, quiet time, pitch your tent closer to the Gate at the top end of the field.