The Rutabaga Queens Reign in Glory
Over the Kinetic Grand Championship

In 1973, “friend of Hobart” and general oddball Barbara Ludwig decided that the Kinetic Race needed a reigning monarch, and so declared herself “Rutabaga Queen.”  Since that fateful day, there have been dozens of raucous royals who have made it their duty to follow the cardinal rule of Rutabaga-ing:  Have FUN! … aaaaaalmost to the point of obnoxiousness.  

The Rutabaga Ball was invented by a Queen, and is organized by the Queens, who are independent performing artists and volunteers ... this particular Kinetic tradition pre-dates Kinetic Universe by many decades.   Kinetic Universe is grateful for the chance to host the Rutabaga Ball, and support this tradition for as long as it pleases the Queens.  

Anyone can compete for the Crown.  One week before the Kinetic Grand Championship, at the Rutabaga Ball.